Is taking care of yourself being selfish?

I always encourage my clients to practice self-care, and I often get the response “but isn’t that being selfish”?

And yes, I know exactly what they mean! There was a time in my life that I thought I could be everything to everybody, my life was a combination of roles I played; a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a worker, a volunteer etc., etc. you get the drift?  I was so busy focusing on the “doing” that I didn’t even stop long enough to see if it was really what I wanted to do, if it was sustainable or if it was even the best way for me to support my family, friends and community.

It didn’t occur to me then, that for me to be at the top of my game I needed to look after my body, mind and soul.

Today I have a different outlook, I understand that taking care of my physical and emotional needs is my responsibility. It allows me to be at my best and keeps me healthy, and as a result, I am now better equipped to support my family, friends, and community in a more sustainable and effective way. So, am I hitting the top of my game every moment and every day? No not really, but I am certainly more aware of the signs of getting out of sync with myself, and I know that some gentle self-care will bring me back to my best version.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish, you wouldn’t expect your car to keep on running if you didn’t put fuel in it and maintain it well, would you?

What do you need to do for yourself to be your best?

Here are some tips, see if they work for you:

  • Look after your body – with food that nourishes you, sleep that refreshes you, and exercise that is playful
  • Take care of your mind – give it challenges, learn something new, check-in regularly to see if your belief system supports you
  • Be a friend to your emotions – feel them, reject the victim role, talk to yourself as if you are you best friend, and upgrade your relationships
  • Align yourself with your values – choose to do work that is meaningful to you and gives you sense of purpose, connect with others

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