Getting clarity

Ways to clear your space

You probably think this is easier said than done, or what does that mean anyway?   

Well for me it means taking some time away from my busy day, where nothing is urgent and there are no demands. It doesn’t have to be a long process, really. It can take you as long as it takes you to brush your teeth or take a shower, better still why not use your time in the shower to reflect on one point every day?

You never know at the end of the week you may have more insight into what works well for you and what doesn’t.

  • Identify and zap what rattles you versus tolerating or blaming – sometimes we put up with things even if they are not working towards our wellbeing or we blame others for what is happening that we don’t like, ask yourself what are these and what is in my power to change, maybe you can just look at the situation in a different way
  • Resolve unfinished business versus just finishing it – if you have something unfinished make sure it is resolved for good not just finished so it gets off the list
  • Be selective about who or what comes into your space – whether it is your thoughts, or your physical space, be aware what you allow to enter that space
  • Understand and take care of core needs – this goes beyond air, food, water, sleep it includes what makes your heart happy and healthy too
  • Simplify your life – when life gets complex for you ask yourself, how does this contribute to my wellbeing

So now it’s time to clear your space.

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